Programme Outcomes

PO-1: The graduate will be able to apply knowledge of pharmacy in the field/career of choice.

PO-2: Acquire in-depth technical competence to identify and solve the problems in pharmaceutical industry and hospital pharmacy.

PO-3: Ability to function effectively as an individual and in a group with the capacity to be a team leader.

PO-4: Graduate will demonstrate skills to use modern pharmaceutical tools, software and equipment to analyse and solve problems.

PO-5: Understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities related to social, cultural, global and environmental aspects.

PO-6: Understanding of the principles of inter-disciplinary courses for overall development.

PO-7: Ability to communicate effectively, not only with professionals but also with the common man and sustain in different environments and cultures.

PO-8: The graduate will be able to understand the impact of pharmaceutical sciences on society and also will be aware of modern issues and technology.

PO-9: Recognizing the need to undertake life-long learning, self-education, knowledge of management skills and leadership quality.