Library is a living organism consisting of library documents, staff, and Premises organized and functioning to collect, conserve and exploit books. We may say it is such an ocean whence the streams of knowledge incessantly flow forth to quench the thirst of the knowledge – hungry clientele. The flow of such streams is very diligently controlled by the earnest zeal and submission of the library professionals. Library building is housed in a magnificent two-storey building having an area of sq feet. The library houses nearly 5,000 books a seating accommodation for 50 readers.  Two Reading halls enriched with journals, periodicals and newspapers. These current sources of information are available for Boys & Girls separately.

The collection of the library includes books.

1.      Books

Total Number of Books 6689
Number of Titles 2150

2.      Bound volume of journals

  • National journals                        : 28

  • International journals                 : 06

  • E-journals                                   : 23 

3.      Rare books

4.      Reference books

  • Total Number of reference books : 500

5.      Reports

6.      Govt. Documents

7.      Almanas/ Maps

8.      Prized collection of dissertations/Thesis


The following categories are eligible for the membership of the library:-

  • All teaching and non-teaching staff of the college.
  • All bonafide students of Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses.
  • Eminent persons as special members.


Category Max No of books allowed
Teachers 12
Head of Postgraduate classes 16
Students 2
Other employees 4


1. The loan is usually not renewed. The book can be called back if it is required.

2. You have to pay an overdue charge of Rs. 1 per volume per day. Reference / rare books are not issued except in very special cases with the permission of the Principal.

3. The borrowers are not allowed to write, damage, or mark any library book. College library provides the usual library services like issue / return, reference, Inter- library loan and photocopy services. Besides it also provides Bibliographic service, (on demand only) internet serviceto postgraduate students will be one of the major services.